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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 October 2006, 15:07 GMT 16:07 UK
Gormley sea statues win reprieve
Another Place, Crosby beach
The cast iron figures were due for removal on 31 October
One hundred cast iron statues a council ordered to be removed from a beach have won a temporary reprieve.

Sefton Council had refused to extend permission allowing Another Place - the sea sculptures created by Anthony Gormley - to remain on Crosby Beach.

But the council said on Tuesday the naked men statues could stay while a planning appeal is considered.

Northern Way, which promotes economic development in the north, is set to grant 1m to keep the statues.

The life-size casts, at scattered locations over three kilometres, are visible when the tide is out but submerged when the water is in.

Regeneration lobby

Last week the council's planning committee rejected an application to keep the statues on the beach until next year, citing safety reasons.

But with supporters of the statues expected to lodge an appeal triggering a public inquiry, the council said it would not enforce their removal on 31 October.

Another Place Ltd - whose members include TV presenter Lloyd Grossman and Lewis Biggs Chief Executive of Liverpool Biennial - hopes to raise 2m to keep the work in Crosby.

This has been boosted by Northern Way, which said it would grant 1m to the statues if other funding was in place and planning permission granted.

Council Chief Executive Graham Haywood, said: "Another Place has proved to be a very evocative project which has captured the imagination of many people and attracted substantial numbers of visitors.

"It also has enabled me to lobby regionally for a package of regeneration measures for this area with Another Place at the heart.

"However, we must accept there are issues raised by the Coastguard, RSPB, English Nature, residents and other local groups that need consideration."

Last week Mr Gormley, who also created the Angel Of The North, said the statues worked better at Crosby than anywhere else and should be retained.

They have also been exhibited in Germany, Norway and Belgium.

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