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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 September 2006, 13:46 GMT 14:46 UK
Half of town's taxis 'defective'
Taxi sign
Two Hackney Carriage taxis were tested in the swoop
More than half the taxis tested in Burnley have been taken off the road because they were unsafe.

The joint operation between Lancashire Police and Burnley Council found 56% of vehicles had defects, including illegal lights, tyres, steering and seat-belts.

Two of the drivers stopped in the check of 16 vehicles were unlicensed, Burnley Borough Council revealed.

Councillor Charles Bullas, member for community safety, said: "A 56% failure rate is totally unacceptable."

Two Hackney Carriages and 14 private hire vehicles were escorted to the testing station in Princess Way.

Of the 16, nine failed and were immediately taken out of service and the drivers were issued with prohibition notices.

Mr Bullas said that drivers and operators needed to take more responsibility for ensuring cars adhered to the highest standards.

"The council will continue to rigidly enforce the rules in an effort to achieve those standards," he added.

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