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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 September 2006, 17:25 GMT 18:25 UK
Police officers have convictions
Forty-eight police officers are working for the Merseyside force - despite having criminal convictions.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, a total of 42 have convictions for motoring offences with 20 being for drink-driving.

The remaining six have convictions for various crimes including assault and being drunk and disorderly.

Since 2003 no convicted officers who have appeared at a misconduct panel have been allowed to remain in post.

Nine officers also had to resign following drink driving convictions when a ruling came into force in 1997 forbidding officers convicted of drink driving to work within the force.

Highest integrity

Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside Police Helen King said: "Many of the convictions held by serving officers are historic - we currently have 48 serving officers with criminal convictions.

"We expect the highest integrity from our officers and staff and require every individual to declare a conviction either during employment or on application to the job.

"If an officer is convicted of an offence and appears before a misconduct panel, a number of factors are taken into account.

"They include the nature and seriousness of the offence and any mitigating circumstances."

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