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'Slave' streets could be renamed
Liverpool was Europe's principal slave port in the 18th Century
Streets in Liverpool whose namesakes are linked to slavery would be renamed if a local councillor gets her way.

Barbara Mace wants Tarleton Street, Manesty's Lane and Clarence Street to be abolished.

She said the city's history is important but that there are alternatives which are more acceptable.

Her move would mean the disappearance of Penny Lane - thought to have been named after 18th Century slave ship owner James Penny.

The slave trader was presented with a silver table in 1792 for speaking out against the abolition of slavery to a parliamentary committee.

I wasn't aware that Penny Lane was named after someone involved in the slave trade
Councillor Barbara Mace
When asked about whether or not Penny Lane should be renamed, she played down her proposals.

"I wasn't aware that Penny Lane was named after someone involved in the slave trade," she said.

"However, I am not suggesting that all streets in the city associated with slavery should be renamed.

"If that was the case I think most of the city would be affected.

"My proposal is to rename several of the streets in the city centre which are named after the more notorious slave traders and replace them with the names of people who have done something positive."

Changing history

Ms Mace suggested renaming a street after murdered black teenager Anthony Walker.

The proposal will be considered by the city council at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

Eric Lynch, an expert on Liverpool's slave trade, said: "Penny Lane is thought to have been named after James Penny, one of the slave ship owners.

"People may be surprised but I completely disagree with the idea that any street names should be changed.

"If you change the names then it is like it never happened, there is no proof and people will forget. "You cannot and should not change history, however disagreeable it is."

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