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Horse beds down on court papers
Domino's owner said she was at the end of her tether
An allergic horse which cannot go near hay without using an inhaler has found a unique alternative - shredded court papers.

Domino, a 15-year-old 5ft 5in (1.7m) tall cob, suffers severe allergies to hay, straw, tree and grass pollen.

His owner Kathy Pye, a magistrate from Merseyside, struggled with alternatives until she stumbled on the solution.

Now Domino has become a "natural recycler" of waste paper from courts in Knowsley and St Helens.

Ms Pye, from St Helens, also collects a regular supply from the community justice centre in north Liverpool.

Domino's recycled court papers
It was a very unusual request
Joan Porter
Liverpool Community Justice Centre

She said: "I was at the end of my tether as nothing seemed to work with Domino.

"When he took to eating specialised bedding, it was time to think laterally.

"I heard that the community justice centre and the two other courts recycled paper and I approached them for a donation."

Joan Porter, community engagement manager at the centre, said they were only too happy to pass on their shredded paper.

"It was a very unusual request, but one that addressed Domino's allergy and gave us a useful way of dealing with our waste paper. It's all part of the centre working with the community," she said.

Domino eats and beds down on piles of shredded paper from the courts at his stable in Merseyside.

He was diagnosed with his allergies after falling ill as a five-year-old and now uses an inhaler every day.

Domino has been described as a very friendly horse and has formed a special bond with children, whom he helps learn to ride.

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