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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, 19:42 GMT 20:42 UK
Pair arrested over Walker murder
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker was attacked in Huyton on Friday night
Two men wanted in connection with the death of black teenager Anthony Walker have been arrested on suspicion of murder after arriving back in the UK.

Michael Barton, 17, and Paul Taylor, 20, landed at Liverpool John Lennon Airport on Wednesday evening.

The pair had gone to Holland but returned voluntarily, with a solicitor.

Anthony, 18, was attacked with an axe by a gang of white men, in what Merseyside Police said was a racially-motivated attack.

Detectives had been looking for Mr Barton and Mr Taylor, who are from Huyton.

Earlier, a spokesman for Merseyside police said arrangements had been made with Mr Taylor's solicitor for the pair to return.

Police with one of the suspects
The men were taken into a police van after leaving the plane

Passengers on the 1820 BST easyJet flight from Amsterdam were allowed to get off the plane before police officers boarded to take the pair, who were also accompanied by relatives, away for questioning.

They were formally arrested when they stepped on to the tarmac.

Both Mr Barton, who is a brother of Manchester City footballer Joey Barton, and Mr Taylor tried to hide their faces as they left the plane and got into a waiting police van.

On Tuesday, footballer Joey Barton appealed for his brother to contact police.

He described the murder as "senseless and horrific".

Merseyside Police said Michael Barton and Paul Taylor were only two of a number of people they wanted to speak to about the attack in Huyton on Friday night.

Police have already questioned four men who were subsequently released on bail.

Hear about the problem of racism in the area

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