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Ex-pop star sets up soup kitchen
Bill Drummond
Bill Drummond has a history of confounding expectations
Former KLF performer Bill Drummond was visiting Merseyside on Wednesday making soup for local people.

Drummond, a visual artist, was to visit St Helens Arts Festival in Haydock, as part of his national Soup Line Tour.

The 52-year-old created his Soup Line after drawing a line across the British Isles and cooking up a broth for people living on the line.

Drummond, who said "You can lose yourself in making soup", will be in St Helens from 6-8 July.

"Pots and pans"

The artist said he had always enjoyed making soup, and took the idea a step further when a listings magazine in Nottingham asked him to provide a competition prize, "expecting a signed book or something".

"I decided that the prize should be me coming round to the winner's house to make soup for their friends and family," said Drummond.

"It went really well, just the idea of turning up with my ingredients and pots and pans.

"I drove home that night, and in the larder door in the kitchen I've got a map of the British Isles.

"A Million Quid"

"I drew a line across the map through Belfast and Nottingham, and decided it should be the Soup Line. If anybody living on the line contacted me, I would come to their place and make them soup.

"I kind of like the idea that somebody just got out a pencil and ruler and drew a line. I decided to have my line on the map and called it the Soup Line."

Bill Drummond has made his name by confounding expectations.

In August 1994, he and KLF collaborator Jimmy Cauty travelled to a boathouse in the Scottish island of Jura with 1m of money earned by KLF hits such as Justified and Ancient, 3AM Eternal and What Time is Love?

They lit a bonfire and burned the entire pile of money made up of 50 notes, recording it for a film called Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid.

Drummond recently said of the incident: "Of course I regret it - who wouldn't."

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