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Last Updated: Monday, 23 January 2006, 13:14 GMT
Walker family bid to fight racism
Anthony Walker Foundation wristband held by his sister Dominique
Money raised by the wristbands will go towards fighting racism
The family of murdered black Merseyside teenager Anthony Walker are to set up a charity in his name to fight racism.

The Anthony Walker Foundation will promote integration with money raised by the sale of wristbands.

Anthony's sister Dominique told the BBC her family would go into schools and colleges to get their message across to young people aged from 11 to 20.

Paul Taylor, 20, and Michael Barton, 17, were jailed for life in December for the racist murder of Anthony.

The wristbands will say "In memory of Anthony Walker" with a message from his mother Gee on the other side reading: "Don't let my son's death be in vain."

Gee Walker
Gee Walker said reaching one person could "make a difference"

Dominique Walker said: "The money will go towards a charity that we are in the process of setting up called the Anthony Walker Foundation.

"We will be going into schools, colleges and stuff like that and basically promoting integration and trying to change people's thinking."

Gee Walker admitted she would find going into schools to talk about her son hard.

She said: "Nothing good comes easy so it will be difficult.

"The trust's theme is one person can make a difference and if we can reach one child and that child goes on to have a family you're reaching a family.

"We're hoping if we reach one we will make a difference."


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