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Last Updated: Friday, 1 July, 2005, 15:13 GMT 16:13 UK
Gormley unveils seaside artwork
One hundred cast iron figures look out to sea in Crosby

Life-size naked cast iron figures have been unveiled on a beach in Merseyside by artist Antony Gormley.

The creator of "The Angel of the North" has cast 100 of the figures rising out of the sand at Crosby beach.

Called "Another Place", the attraction has already been exhibited in Belgium, Norway and Germany. It is first time it has been shown in the UK.

Contractors have spent three weeks lifting the pieces into place, but several have yet to be installed.

Each statue is a cast of the artist's own body, weighing 650kg and standing 1.96m tall.

The figures spread 3km along the coastline and 1km out to sea, and will be partly submerged at different times of day, depending on changing tides and weather conditions.

This is a fantastic beach... I love the wind turbines and sewage outflows
Antony Gormley

At the unveiling on Friday, Mr Gormley said: "This is a fantastic beach, I think it is the best beach I have had to work with.

"It has a lot going for it, I love the wind turbines and the sewage outflows."

"I knew from the moment I stepped on the beach that this was going to be great from my point of view.

"When you look out across the beach it will be difficult to distinguish what is a statue and what is a person and that is the condition of art which I am interested in."

A large crowd gathered at the beach to watch the unveiling.

'Spectacular sight'

Ian Hamilton-Fazey, 63, a retired journalist, said: "I have been watching the statues being put in over the past few weeks and I think it is absolutely outstanding.

"Thousands of people have been down here already to see them and people are always asking for directions to the figures.

"I think it is at it's best when the tide is coming in and the surf is pounding at the statues - it is a truly spectacular sight."

Another Place will be at the beach until November 2006 when it is expected to move to New York.

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