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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 May, 2005, 09:29 GMT 10:29 UK
CCTV workers on voyeurism charge
Four council workers from Merseyside who allegedly used CCTV cameras as a "peeping tom" tool have been charged with voyeurism.

It is claimed the men, who worked for Sefton Council, pointed a street safety camera into a woman's flat.

All four were also charged on Thursday with misconduct in a public office.

They are: Kevin Judge, 42, of Waterloo, Vincent David Broderick, 52, of Sefton, David Welsh, 40, of Anfield, and Mark Summerton, 37, of Kirkdale.

Further charge

At the time of the alleged incident, in November last year, the men were employed in the council's CCTV operation centre in Bootle.

Mr Summerton, of Humber Close, and Mr Broderick, of Waterside, also face a further charge of attempted voyeurism on a separate occasion.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said the men would appear before South Sefton Magistrates on 27 May.

Sefton Council has 70 cameras in Bootle, Waterloo, Crosby, Litherland, Netherton, Aintree and Southport. The exact location of the cameras in question has not been disclosed.

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