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Lennon school book up for auction
A page from John Lennon's old school book
Lennon's signature is on the front of the brown paper-covered book
One of John Lennon's old school exercise books is expected to fetch up to 90,000 at a forthcoming auction.

Compiled by Lennon in Liverpool in 1952, the book contains eight drawings in pen, pencil and watercolour, depicting verses from classic poems.

One of the poems was Lewis Carroll's The Walrus And The Carpenter which inspired the 1967 Beatles song, I Am The Walrus.

The book will go on sale on Thursday at Sotheby's in London.

The brown paper-covered book, inscribed with the words My Anthology, was kept by Lennon's teacher at Quarry Bank High School, Lancelot Burrows.

'Artistic talent'

It features Lennon's signature on the front, now half torn away, and a mock coat of arms.

Mr Burrows gave each drawing a mark out of 10 and the lowest Lennon received was an eight.

Other illustrations depict scenes from poems by Robert Southey, William Cowper and Michael Drayton.

Sotheby's English literature specialist, Tessa Milne, said: "These drawings are remarkably accomplished for one so young and the book is a wonderful example of Lennon's emerging artistic talent."

Included in the lot is a class photograph of Form 1R from 1952, showing Lennon in the back row.



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