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Police trained in gypsy customs
Travellers site
Police will be trained to help deal with gypsies and travellers
Police in Merseyside are to be trained in gypsy customs to improve relations with travelling families.

The force says its gypsy and traveller policy is the first of its kind in the UK.

The family of murder victim Johnny Delaney, 15, who had been living on a travellers' site in Cheshire, are joining police at the policy launch.

Deputy Chief Constable Jon Murphy described the training package for officers as "revolutionary".

He said it helped officers understand the "culture and customs of gypsies and travellers to ensure we deliver an efficient, effective and professional service".

The travelling community has been involved in helping put the policy together.

Win Taylor, from Irish Community Care, said: "This will be a valuable tool for the gypsy and traveller communities to know exactly the level of service they can expect to receive throughout the Merseyside area." 

Johnny Delaney, a member of an Irish travelling family, was kicked to death after an argument between his friends and a group of teenagers in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, in May 2003.

His death led an announcement by Cheshire Education Authority that it planned a scheme to educate communities about travellers.

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