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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 April, 2005, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK
Care wife in second suicide bid
Wendy Ainscow
Wendy Ainscow has been taken to hospital in Tenerife
A 65-year-old woman who survived a suicide pact with her husband has again tried ending her life.

Wendy Ainscow travelled from her home in Birmingham to Tenerife, where she and her husband took pain-killers before entering the sea last November.

Mrs Ainscow, originally from Prenton, Merseyside, was found on Tuesday close to where she first attempted suicide.

She claims her daughter, Lisa, has Asperger's Syndrome and went on huge spending sprees at their expense.

It is believed Mrs Ainscow left a suicide note at her flat in Birmingham.

This is an enormous cry for help
Solicitor David Kirwan
UK and Spanish police launched a search and she was discovered on Tuesday afternoon.

She is reported to be under observation in hospital with unspecified injuries.

Her solicitor, David Kirwan, said: "This is an enormous cry for help. She has retraced the exact steps that she took with Bill."

Mrs Ainscow survived the first attempt last year, but Bill Ainscow, 75, was dead by the time the couple were picked up by a fishing boat.

'Very worried'

Lisa Ainscow denies having Asperger's Syndrome or being mentally ill.

Through her solicitor, Richard Nicholas, she said: "I was very worried about my mother and I'm absolutely relieved that she has been found."

Mr Nicholas said Mrs Ainscow was harming her daughter by creating a "media circus".

He said: "Lisa is not mentally ill, but she is a vulnerable adult. She is the unfortunate victim of a campaign of media manipulation by her mother.

'Sympathetic help needed'

"She has been under a great deal of stress, and that stress has been made worse by the media circus created by her mother, and others.

"Lisa still loves her mother very much and was devastated when she thought she may have killed herself."

Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of the mental health charity Sane told the BBC they had recently received a letter from Mrs Ainscow.

"She said that she could no longer take the loneliness of caring for her daughter Lisa and rebuilding her life, " she said.

"Wendy has been grateful for all the help Sane has given, but she needed and needs more than our helpline - sympathetic mental help care and treatment for both herself and her daughter."

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