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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 22:39 GMT
City to honour double VC winner
Liverpool is to have a permanent tribute to World War One hero Noel Chavasse, who won the Victoria Cross.

The Oxford-born son of the Bishop of Liverpool become the most decorated serviceman in British military history, winning the VC twice.

A meeting at the Town Hall launched plans to honour his memory with a commemorative statue in the city on the eve of Armistice Day

The statue is the idea of The Noel Chavasse Memorial Association.

Local sculptor Tom Murphy, whose work included a sculpture of Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly, has been selected to create the monument.

Stretcher bearers

It will also feature the names and citations of the 15 other VC winners from Liverpool.

Captain Chavasse won his first VC in August 1916 when he took part in an attack on Guillemont.

Almost 12 months later, during the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), he earned his second Victoria Cross. He died of his wounds on 3 August 1917.

The sculpture shows him with his two stretcher bearers.

The association hopes to unveil the sculpture on the 90th anniversary of his first VC.

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