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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 20:38 GMT
Elephants in post Halloween feast
Asian elephant
The elephants spend up to 16 hours a day feeding
The elephants at Chester Zoo are making the most of the pumpkins which were leftover from Halloween this year.

The zoo has a plentiful supply of the treats after its annual Pumpkin Festival, where young visitors were encouraged to make Halloween lanterns.

Children who turned up at the zoo with a carved pumpkin lantern over the weekend were allowed in for free.

The remnants are to be piled up and put into the enclosure on Wednesday, where the zoo's Asian elephants will dig in.

Mick Jones, Chester Zoo's elephant team leader, said: "The elephants will have great fun with the pumpkin mountain.

A Halloween pumpkin
Children who arrived at the zoo with a lantern were let in for free
"They will have a surprise to walk out onto their island as usual to find the pile waiting for them.

"Throughout the year they have all kinds of seasonal fruit and vegetables as additional treats to their diets and they are certain to enjoy the pumpkins."

The animals are herbivores who need large amounts of food, often spending up to 16 hours a day feeding.

They are an endangered species and can live for up to 60 years.

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