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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 October 2005, 12:42 GMT 13:42 UK
Ringo's sadness over demolition
Ringo Starr's birthplace in Madryn Street, Dingle, Liverpool
Ringo Starr's birthplace had "no historical significance"
Former Beatle Ringo Starr has spoken of his sadness that his birthplace is to be demolished as part of a major regeneration scheme in Liverpool.

The terrace in Madryn Street, Princes Park, is one of 460 properties to be demolished for a regeneration project.

Liverpool City Council said the majority of residents now favour the scheme but Ringo said it was a shame renovation was not considered.

The council said last month Madryn Street had no significance.

The star spent only three months of his life there.

I feel you should put the money in the houses and redo them
Ringo Starr

"Years ago they knocked a lot of Liverpool down but they forgot to build it up and bring them back," he said.

"And I think the same thing is likely going to happen."

He added: "I feel you should put the money in the houses and redo them.

"Like Admiral Grove, where I lived from five to 22, they actually put a bathroom in and it's fine."

Beatles tourists can still visit the houses where John Lennon and Paul McCartney grew up.

The National Trust owns Lennon and McCartney's childhood homes in Menlove Avenue and Forthlin Road respectively while 12, Arnold Grove, where George Harrison grew up, is also still standing.

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