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Baby bookworm given library card
Freya Nichols, aged 4 with dad Stuart Nichols and new born Maisie
Liverpool Council say Maisie is setting an excellent example
A baby girl is believed to be among the world's youngest bookworms after she was registered at a library when she was just 50 minutes old.

Maisie Nichols, of Garston, Merseyside, was registered at Lee Valley Library by her grandmother.

The 8lb 11oz baby's sister Freya, aged four, has been attending story-time sessions at the library for 18 months.

The family own 200 books and Maisie will be presented with her first book on Wednesday to mark World Book Day.

'Excellent example'

Her father, Stuart, said: "As soon as Maisie was born, her gran called the library and signed her up. I know that Freya can't wait to introduce her new born sister to the wonderful world of books."

Liverpool City Council's leisure and culture chief, councillor Warren Bradley, said: "Maisie has set an excellent example to other youngsters. Reading is a habit which lasts a lifetime and shouldn't just be confined to school.

"Introducing children to books at a young age pays dividends with their development when they start school.

"It certainly brings a whole new meaning to the phrase lifelong learning."

Over the past year, the number of visits to Liverpool libraries has increased by 25% to 3.3m.

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