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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January, 2005, 04:14 GMT
Ex-shipyard calls ghost hunters
The former Cammel Laird shipyard
The ex-shipyard has been derelict for several years
The owners of a former Merseyside shipyard have called in a team of ghost-hunters following a series of haunting experiences.

The Wirral-based paranormal research group Parascience hopes to find out what is behind the sighting of mysterious strangers.

The former Cammell Laird shipyard, in Birkenhead, is earmarked for a multi-million pound redevelopment.

Its owners want to convert it for retail, commercial and residential use.

'Very strange'

The 140-acre site was one of the biggest shipyards in the world for 170 years, but the ghost hunt centres on an office block built in the 1960s, which is now being used by its owners, Reddington Finance.

Site manager Mike Rider said: "You can walk down the corridor, it's cold even in summertime and feel your hair stand up and tingles down your spine.

"Quite a lot of times, when I've been sitting here at the desk, you see something in the corner of your eye."

His daughter, Amy, says she regularly finds the same glass fallen from a tray in the canteen.

She said: "Every morning when we come in there's normally a glass fallen off that tray. It's always that glass and it's never, ever broken. It's very strange."

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