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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 January, 2005, 13:26 GMT
Police probe 'peeping tom' claim
CCTV camera (generic)
CCTV camera allegedly used as a 'peeping tom' tool
Three council workers are under police investigation after they allegedly used CCTV cameras as a "peeping tom" tool.

The three men, who work for Sefton Council in Merseyside, are believed to have pointed a street safety camera into a woman's flat.

The men were suspended from their positions in the council's CCTV operation centre in Bootle last month.

Sefton Council says it is co-operating fully with Merseyside police in pursuing the investigation.

'Powerful tool'

Sefton Council has 70 cameras in Bootle, Waterloo, Crosby, Litherland, Netherton, Aintree and Southport.

The council's website boasts that CCTV is "arguably one of the most powerful tools to be developed during recent years to assist with efforts to combat crime and disorder whilst enhancing community safety."

However, it adds: "If users, owners and managers of such systems are to command the respect and support of the general public, the systems must not only be used with the utmost probity at all times, they must be used in a manner which stands up to scrutiny and is accountable to the very people they are aiming to protect."

The exact location of the cameras in question has not been revealed.

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