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Builder's honour for war bravery
Michael Davison
Michael Davison has been awarded for helping an injured soldier
A part-time soldier who dragged an officer to safety amid a shower of bullets in Iraq is to be awarded the Military Cross by the Queen.

Lance Corporal Michael Davison, 22, a builder from Liverpool, is the first part-time soldier to receive the honour since World War II.

L/Cpl Davison, of the Kings and Cheshire Territorial Army Regiment, saved the officer in a fight in Basra.

He is due to receive the award at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The rescue happened on 4 July last year during L/Cpl Davison's first tour of duty in Iraq.

When his platoon commander was shot in the groin, L/Cpl Davison ran forward and dragged the senior officer to safety, amid a shower of bullets.

It never dawned on me that I should receive such an honour. I feel very proud
L/Cpl Michael Davison
He has since been promoted from his position as Kingsman to Lance Corporal.

"I was stunned when I was told I had won the Military Cross for my action," he said.

"It never dawned on me that I should receive such an honour. I feel very proud."

"I think I will have it tattooed on to my chest.

"There had been trouble in the daytime and I was sent out as part of a four-man patrol to an area we knew as Hexham, which was a small village.

"Suddenly we came under fire from two Iraqi gun positions and as we backed off to find cover, the platoon commander was shot in the groin.

"He was about 10 metres from me and he just fell to the ground in front of me. He handled it well but was saying that he had been shot.

"We were still being fired on so I realised we had to get out of there and just pulled him to safety."

The injured officer is expected to make a full recovery.

L/Cpl Davison spent a further four months in Iraq before returning to his family construction company.

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