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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 May, 2004, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
Fourth Grace plans 'face changes'
Liverpool's Fourth Grace design - The Cloud
Apartments will be built to help finance the Fourth Grace scheme
Plans to build the Fourth Grace on Liverpool's waterfront face being overhauled following concerns by heritage groups and city planners.

The Cloud could include apartments inside because of height restrictions on residential towers next to it.

Architect Will Alsop included plans for the separate towers on The Strand in order to finance the Cloud scheme.

However, he modified the plans because it was felt they would detract from the views of the three other graces.

In response to the concerns Mr Alsop changed the design of the residential towers to make them thinner - however, it would have meant including fewer apartments and would have upset the finances.

'On target'

A second modification was made to change the height of one of the towers - but planners said it would overshadow the nearby Liver Building.

This has now led to the proposition of putting apartments inside the grace itself.

The Fourth Grace Consortium told BBC Radio Merseyside on Saturday that re-design work within the grace will be done as quickly as possible, to meet a planning application submission deadline in August.

The firm also said the project is still on target to be finished by 2008.

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