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Last Updated: Friday, 3 September, 2004, 05:47 GMT 06:47 UK
Culture capital brand is unveiled
Liverpool 08 logo
Liverpool will be Capital of Culture in 2008
The brand and logo for Liverpool's year as Capital of Culture in 2008 was being unveiled on Friday.

Bosses hope the launch will spearhead a successful bid for multi-million pound sponsorship for the year of the events.

Described as a "bold design", the brand design "contains an impressionistic representation of the city's world heritage waterfront".

It comes weeks after the design of a focus of the cultural year - the Fourth Grace - was scrapped.

In a statement the Liverpool Culture Company said the culture logo "represents the dynamic creativity of a city famous for artists, musicians, innovators and inventors".

A team of artists, aged between 11 and 14, was selected by the company from the city's Holly Lodge Comprehensive School and arts group The Greenhouse.

Architect Will Alsop's "Cloud" design for the Fourth Grace would have been at the centre of the celebrations in 2008.

However, it was scrapped in July, branded as "unworkable" and because costs of the project had spiralled from 228m to 324m.

At an inquiry into the decision to axe it Sir David Henshaw, chief executive of Liverpool City Council, blamed rising costs, major changes to the design and delays which may have meant European funding would be lost.

New plans for the site are set to be proposed and could include a museum, theatre, public open spaces and a canal link.

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