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Last Updated: Friday, 19 March, 2004, 12:53 GMT
Youths banned from street corners
Young people on the streets
If the youths return within 24 hours they face arrest
Young people caught congregating in certain areas of Merseyside could be arrested under new police powers to target anti-social behaviour.

Police in Knowsley have designated two parts of the town where youths will not be allowed to meet from 1800 GMT.

The banned areas are near to shops at Park Brow with the junction of Broad Lane and on Roughdale Avenue in Kirkby.

Officers will move any groups of more than two youths on, and if they return within 24 hours they may be arrested.

The designated area was authorised by Merseyside Police and is supported by Knowsley's Joint Agency Group, consisting of Knowsley Council, Knowsley Housing Trust and the local Youth Offending and Drug and Alcohol Action Teams.

Take the time to be sure where your children are - and know that they are not causing distress to your neighbours."
Chief Supt Simon Byrne
Chief Superintendent Simon Byrne, said: "It is not to say that Knowsley has problems which are any different to any other area of the country with regards to anti-social behaviour.

"Anti-social behaviour is a scourge on decent, law abiding communities and we feel sure that the use of 'designated areas' will help to return some peace to residents who have suffered in the past.

"We would urge parents to take the time to be sure where your children are - and know that they are not hanging on a street corner, causing distress to your neighbours."

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