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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 March, 2004, 07:18 GMT
Parents appeal over son's death
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones died after being punched in Liverpool city centre
The family of a teenager who died after he was attacked during a night out are appealing for help in tracking down his killer exactly a year after his death.

Andrew Jones, 18, died the day after he was rushed to hospital in Liverpool after hitting his head on the pavement.

A man was charged with manslaughter but the case was thrown out of court after three days because of lack of evidence.

Mr Jones' parents, Christine and Andrew, are desperate to find his killer and are appealing for witnesses.

Mr Jones said: "I cannot bear the thought of never seeing Andrew again and the scum responsible enjoying their lives."

Sustained fatal injuries

Andrew, who had just qualified as a forklift driver, died after he was punched once in the head after he was caught up in a scuffle outside a nightclub.

He fell backward and hit his head on the ground, sustaining fatal injuries.

Mr and Mrs Jones say the only way they have kept sane since the teenager's death has been by setting up a trust fund in his name.

They have raised more than 3,000 to renovate a waiting area at the Royal Liverpool Hospital where Andrew was taken after the attack in Hanover Street in Liverpool city centre.

The BBC's Andy Gill reports
On how the parents of Andrew Jones are desperate to find his killer

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