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Last Updated: Monday, 9 August, 2004, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
Legal threat over red light zone
A prostitute leans in to speak with a customer
Prostitution is already a problem in Everton's streets
People living near a proposed tolerance zone for prostitutes in Liverpool say they will take legal action if the city council backs the plans.

People in Everton, who already suffer from prostitutes on their streets, say any "red-light zone" should be away from residential areas.

Pauline Daniel, of Residents Against Prostitution, said she had campaigned for years against prostitutes.

But she said residents wanted them moved miles away, not next door.

The cafe owner said: "I've got grandchildren growing up in this area and I don't want them to think of prostitution as a plausible career move.

'Mile away'

"You can't get a bus or a taxi in the streets without being accosted. You also get abuse from the prostitutes.

"The community will support a tolerance zone as long as its well away from a residential area. It's got to be a mile away from any residents."

The proposed tolerance area is in an industrial estate taking in Kempston Street, Craven Street and Devon Street in Islington, which borders Everton.

But prostitutes have also warned many of their clients will not use a tolerance zone.

Tracey Griffin, who has worked the streets for the past eight years, said: "Punters like the excitement of sneaking out behind their wives' backs and picking a young prostitute up.

"They're not going to go to a tolerance area where it's camera'd up to death in case their number plate gets taken."

A consultation period set up by Liverpool City Council runs until the end of August.

Home Office approval will be needed for the scheme to go ahead.

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