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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 January, 2004, 11:40 GMT
Internet sperm mum gives birth
Baby's feet
The baby is the third born to women using the website.
A lesbian who conceived a baby after buying sperm on the internet has given birth to a boy.

Jaime Saphier, 26, from Merseyside, had her first child by emergency Caesarean section at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Jamie and her partner Sarah Watkinson paid 1,500 for sperm from the Bristol website ManNotIncluded.com.

Ms Saphier - whose GP had refused to help the couple - impregnated herself using the website company's DIY kit.

Baby is 'beautiful'

Her mother Susan Saphier told the Liverpool Daily Post: "Jaime went in to hospital on Monday, but the baby failed to arrive and the doctors were so concerned they decided to perform an emergency Caesarean.

"Jaime said to me 'I can't believe I'm a mum'. I told her I loved her and felt proud she was a mother.

"The baby is beautiful and it felt wonderful to be holding my grandchild for the first time."

Last year Jamie and Ms Watkinson went public about their decision to buy sperm from the website after their GP said he would not help them.

These births are very, very important to us. It is like welcoming a child into your own family
Man Not Included founder John Gonzalez
The site's clients are able to select the race, eye colour, height and weight, social background and educational achievement of the sperm donor.

The first single-sex couple to have a baby using the website gave birth in August last year, in south east England.

Man Not Included founder John Gonzalez said it was the website's third birth for a single sex couple.

He added: "These births are very, very important to us, it is like welcoming a child into your own family, it is a very emotional experience for us.

"It proves to our critics that we are a reality, not just a concept, and that we do deliver healthy babies successfully."

He said that another 28 women in the UK and one in Holland were expecting children after using the service.

Man Not Included is expected to open its first clinic in March.

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