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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 January, 2004, 21:58 GMT
Internet paedophile jailed for five years
Beadle met his victim in an internet chatroom
A British man has been jailed for five years in the United States for having sex with a schoolgirl he met via the internet.

Mobile disco DJ Barry Beadle, 51, appeared before a judge in Des Moines, Iowa.

Beadle, from Merseyside, pleaded guilty in September to two sex offences after spending several nights at a hotel with a 14-year-old girl.

The former psychiatric nurse was caught because the manager of the hotel, in Fort Madison, was suspicious of the cheque Beadle tried to pay with.

Beadle had been in custody in Lee County Jail since his arrest in April.

Beadle met the girl in an Internet chatroom and knew she was under 15 according to FBI agent Thomas J Reinwart.

Missing person report

Beadle flew to Burlington Iowa Airport on 16 April, and took a bus to Lee County.

The girl, who told her mother she was staying with friends, was picked up from home by Beadle and they checked into the nearby Best Value Inn.

The pair stayed together for six nights. Hotel residents saw them kissing in the grounds.

But it was only when Beadle tried to settle his bill on April 22 with a British bank cheque that police were called and he was arrested.

By then the teenager's mother had filed a missing persons report.

Beadle, from Ainsdale, pleaded guilty to travelling to the US to have sex with a minor and inducing a minor to have sex.

Hotel manager Digvijay Patelin
"Why I became suspicious of Barry Beadle ..."

New warning over chatroom meetings
05 Jan 04  |  Hampshire/Dorset


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