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Man missing for 10 years
Brian Hesketh
Brian Hesketh has not been seen since he went on a lunch break
The family of a man from Liverpool who has been missing for a decade have chosen the anniversary of his disappearance to renew appeals for him to get in touch.

Brian Hesketh vanished on 4 January 1994 after leaving work on a lunch break.

However, his father John has never given up hope his son is still alive.

He said the only sign of unusual behaviour he displayed on the day he was last seen was by going for his lunch at 1200 GMT, an hour earlier than normal.

Mr Hesketh said: "The previous evening he had been out with his brother and friends and then gone back to his brother's house.

John Hesketh
John Hesketh says he will not give up hope his son is alive

"My son and daughter-in-law both say he was very normal."

Brian Hesketh, who worked as a civil engineer for Sefton Council in Bootle, was reportedly seen in North Wales after his disappearance, but attempts to trace him failed.

His father added: "I can't give up hope and I will never give up hope but it is very difficult and very hurtful at times to think that he hasn't been in touch.

"I just hope that one day will dawn very shortly when he will come knocking on the door or ringing me up and saying, 'It's Brian'.

"Knowing Brian so well I do feel he will eventually come back but I do wish he would - the sooner the better."

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