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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 October, 2003, 05:09 GMT 06:09 UK
Digital sculpture eyes cities
Fact centre, Liverpool
The sculpture is being unveiled outside the Fact centre
A digital sculpture was due to be unveiled on Thursday to allow people to keep up to date with Liverpool's sister cities.

The sculpture - called Metroscopes - consists of five red circular LED displays mounted on five-metre-high columns.

The displays will carry up-to-the-minute news from Liverpool, Odessa, Dublin, Shanghai and Cologne.

Created by Clive Gillman, lead artist with Liverpool's Fact arts centre, Metroscopes pulls its information from the internet, using a specially-designed search engine.

Mr Gillman said the sculpture is designed to act as a barometer for "current thinking" about the cities.

Metroscopes is being unveiled outside Fact, in Ropewalk Square.

Liverpool's Lord Mayor Ron Gould is due to switch on the sculpture at 1830 BST with Mr Gillman.

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