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Last Updated: Monday, 22 September, 2003, 20:40 GMT 21:40 UK
Briton went to US for sex with girl
Map showing Fort Madison, Iowa
A mobile-disco DJ is facing jail in the USA after admitting travelling to America to have sex with a schoolgirl he met on the internet.

Barry Beadle, 51, from Merseyside, was arrested by the FBI in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa, in April after spending several nights at a hotel with the 14-year-old.

During a hearing on Monday at Rock Island Court, Illinois, Beadle confessed to two sex crimes, leaving him facing a maximum 30-year federal prison sentence.

The former psychiatric nurse, who has been in custody in Lee County Jail since his arrest, was caught because the hotel manager was suspicious of the cheque Beadle tried to pay with.

In a statement submitted as evidence, FBI agent Thomas J Reinwart told the court that the teenager - who was given the false name Jane Doe to protect her identity - met Beadle in an internet chatroom.

Using the online name DJPLAY10, Beadle first asked for her age, gender and location and said he was from the UK.

Hotel room

"Specific details concerning their 'intimate' chats are not known, but Beadle did ask Doe if she was a virgin and her bra size," Mr Reinwart said

"Doe also indicated that Beadle told her he wanted to have sex with her."

Beadle flew to Burlington Iowa Airport on 16 April taking a bus to Lee County and stopping along the way to buy a 12-pack of beer and some cigarettes.

He picked the girl up and they checked in the Best Value Inn.

Over the next six days and nights the pair drank beer in their hotel room and had sex about 10 times.

Other residents also saw them kissing in the grounds.

Beadle kept a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the hotel room, and claimed the girl was his long-lost daughter.

It was only when Beadle, from Ainsdale in Southport, tried to settle his bill on 22 April with a British bank cheque that police were called.

When an officer arrived at the hotel, Beadle again claimed the girl was his daughter, but gave her real name, alerting police to the crime.

Guilty plea

On Monday, Beadle pleaded guilty to travelling to the US to have sex with a minor and inducing a minor to have sex, Iowa Federal Clerk's Office confirmed.

Neighbours said the 6ft 2in former Ashworth high security hospital nurse often spoke of his pen pal.

Speaking in April, one said: "Barry would talk non-stop about this pen pal, as he called her.

"I had no idea that she was just a kid."

Beadle did not work full time, but was claiming disability benefit after suffering a stroke five years ago, acquaintances said.

Beadle, who remains in federal custody, will be sentenced on 2 December.

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