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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 9 April, 2003, 12:49 GMT 13:49 UK
Baywatch star's lettuce advice
Pamela Anderson in a pro-vegetarian advert
Anderson is a long-term supporter of Peta
Actress Pamela Anderson has donned a lettuce leaf bikini to persuade fat Britons to become vegetarian.

The ex-Baywatch star launched the national campaign in Liverpool, which was recently named as one of the five fattest cities in the UK.

Anderson will appear on a billboard poster across the city, wearing just a few strategically-placed lettuce leaves.

The poster is also expected to go up in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton, the other four "fat" cities.

Commissioned by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), the poster's slogan reads: "Turn over a new leaf - try vegetarian", and gives the GoVeg website address.

Peta spokesman Sean Gifford said: "Pamela is a friend of the animals and a long-term vegetarian, so she was more than happy to help us with this campaign.

Sunday roasts are sending animals to abattoirs and Liverpudlians into intensive care
Sean Gifford, Peta
"We hope she will appeal to the demographic of young men, who can be more resistant to vegetarianism.

"This is a tantalising image and we hope even the most die-hard carnivores may be tempted to go to the website and learn about what eating meat is doing to their bodies and to the animals who suffer.

"We want to get the message across that Sunday roasts are sending animals to abattoirs and Liverpudlians into intensive care."

The poster, which was put up in the Tuebrook area of Liverpool, received a warm reception from locals.

Joiner Matt Riley, 22, said: "Pammie's looking good but I'm not sure if she would turn me into a vegetarian.

"It might make me start having salad with my steak, though."

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