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Files reveal UFO near-miss near Manchester airport

A "near miss" between a UFO and an aircraft approaching Manchester Airport was investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority, newly released files claim.

The pilots of British Airways flight 5061 reported the incident as they flew over the Pennines en route from Milan on 6 January 1995.

The files were released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and National Archives.

The officers both saw a lit object fly down the side of the aircraft at a high speed, reports revealed.

Radar blank

Captain Roger Wills and First Officer Mark Stuart were able to track the object through the right-hand windscreen and side window, having it in sight for about two seconds.

Manchester Air Traffic Control recorded no known traffic in the vicinity on radar.

In a letter dated April 1996, an unidentified MoD official confirmed "that as a matter of routine the MoD was notified about the pilots' report by the Civil Aviation Authority shortly after the incident occurred".

"At the time I discussed the matter with the departmental air defence experts who confirmed that they were not aware of anything which would indicate a matter of defence significance associated with the sighting, or any evidence that the UK's air defences had been compromised," the letter read.

"In the absence of such evidence, MoD interest in the sighting has long since ceased."

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