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Missing Libya girl image released

Computer generated image of Nadia Fawzi
The new image is designed to show how Nadia could look at the age of six

A computer-generated image has been created of a girl from Greater Manchester who was abducted by her father and taken to Libya in 2007.

The family of six-year-old Nadia Fawzi hope that the image of how she could look now may help reunite her with her mother, who last saw her two years ago.

Since her disappearance Sarah Taylor, from Wigan, has moved to the country in an attempt to find her daughter.

Nadia's father is in custody in Libya but refuses to say where the girl is.

Libyan Fawzi Abu Arghub abducted the little girl under the pretence he was taking her to a party. Instead he boarded a plane to his home country and left Nadia in the care of someone else.

Ms Taylor, who is divorced from Nadia's father, left her civil service job, sold her house and left her friends and family behind to move closer to where she believes her daughter to be.

It feels as though you've had your heart ripped out and he's trodden all over it that's how strong it feels
Nadia's grandparents Dot and Dave Taylor

She has even written to Colonel Gaddafi, the north African country's leader, begging for his help.

One part of her letter read: "I'm throwing myself at your mercy and appealing to you as a family man to help me find and hold my little girl in my arms again."

In July, Prime Minister Gordon Brown asked the Libyan leader for his help.

Ms Taylor's parents, Dot and Dave Taylor, said they were devastated as they had lost their granddaughter and now their daughter has emigrated to Libya.

Nadia Fawzi when she was four-year-old before she was taken
Nadia was four when her father said he was taking her to a party

"It feels as though you've had your heart ripped out and he's trodden all over it - that's how strong it feels," they said.

The pair are having regular meetings with Leigh MP Andy Burnham, who is lobbying Mr Brown for more action. Mr Burnham has even flown out to Tripoli, to see Ms Taylor.

Her parents will travel to Downing Street in the New Year in the hope of convincing Mr Brown to persuade Colonel Gadaffi to permit British officers to enter Libya and assist in the hunt for Nadia.

Det Supt Phil Owen from Greater Manchester Police is keen to help in the search and is treating it as child abduction.

He said: "[Fawzi] has not been a doting father. He's not been around for her formative years and then to come along on the pretext of a party and taking her out of the country - it's despicable really.

"We have some expertise, it's quite common for officers to go out to a number of countries.

"But I wouldn't like to seek to undermine what the Libyans are doing - it would be going out in an advisory capacity and supporting Sarah."

Sarah Taylor's story will be featured on Inside Out North West at 1930 GMT on BBC One.


Nadia Fawzi, now aged six, has not seen her mother for two years

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