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Over-50s sex book is 'misguided'

Picture of couple featured in the sex guide (Pic: NHS Manchester)
The council said older people had a right to sexual health advice

A sex-guide for the over-50s, created by Manchester City Council, has been condemned for being a "waste of money".

The booklet contains advice about male potency, watching a "sexy movie" and states that sex every night can burn 970 calories in a week.

The free copies which cost £8,000, are about "sexual health and making the right choices" the council has said.

Suzie Squire of the Taxpayers' Alliance, called it an "extraordinary and misguided pamphlet".

She said: "I really feel, as do many others, that in these straitened times there are better uses of £8,000.

"It's none of the council's business what the over 50s (or any other age group) get up to between the sheets.

"If they want some tips to spice things up, let them buy one of the plethora of sex manuals that are available in all good bookshops."

It is written in a language older people understand and addresses the issues they have raised
Manchester City Council spokesman

There are 5,000 free copies available of the booklet, paid for by the city council and NHS Manchester.

At the launch event in Manchester Town Hall on Thursday the council gave away 600 copies of the guide.

It was primarily introduced to reduce the rising number of sexually transmitted infections among the more mature.

In a decade, the number of those infected over the age of 45 has doubled.

A council spokesman said: "The guide was developed after listening to the concerns of older people through a number of focus groups.

"It is written in a language older people understand and addresses the issues they have raised."

Acting director of public health for NHS Manchester Dave Regan added: "Sexual health is not just a concern for younger people and the research we have done suggests that many people will find this new guide useful and informative."

Mature people in the community have been quoted in the booklet saying what a good idea it was.

Pam, 68, said: "We're more experienced, more mature and more confident and we're able to talk about what we want which makes us better lovers."

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