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Harrods snub 'Mohican' fundraiser

Lisa Mansour
Lisa Mansour said she felt discriminated against

A woman whose hair was cut in a Mohican style to raise money for charity was refused entry to Harrods because she breached the dress code.

Hairdresser Lisa Mansour, from Didsbury in Greater Manchester, was told she was "allowed in but her hair was not" when she tried to shop at the London store.

The 40-year-old said she felt upset and embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

A Harrods spokesman said: "Part of our dress code for customers includes extremes in personal presentation."

Ms Mansour said: "I am really upset about it, and I won't be going in there again.

It is the first shop I have ever come across with such an attitude
Lisa Mansour

"I couldn't believe it, I felt like I was treated like a criminal and everyone had stopped in the shop and started to stare at me.

"I had a whole list of things I wanted to buy for family and friends, and I do normally pop in when I am in the city."

She says she was told her hair was too high because it went above the 2ins (5cm) regulations, during the confrontation on Monday.

She originally had the Mohican haircut in May to raise £1,300 for Brain Tumour UK, in memory of her neighbour's eight-year-old grandson.

"I definitely feel discriminated against, I am not scruffy and I have shopped in there before.

"At first I thought they were joking, so when I tried to enter another door I was approached by another guard who said they had communicated via radio and I was definitely not coming in.

"It is the first shop I have ever come across with such an attitude."

A Harrods spokesman added: "We heard no mention of a charity in this instance."

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