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Police threat in cinema sweet row

Bags of revels
Staff did not take kindly to finding the bag of Revels

A woman was asked to leave a cinema and threatened with the police in a row over a bag of Revels.

Sue, who said she did not want to give her full name, said she was "treated like a criminal" by staff at Cineworld in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The offending confectionary was found after staff searched her bag looking for recording equipment or alcohol.

In a statement, Cineworld said all food consumed at its premises must be purchased in the building.

Sue, 38, from Stockport, visited the cinema with her sister last week to watch He's just not that into you.

After buying their tickets staff asked to search their bags before they entered the auditorium, citing concerns about piracy or alcohol.

It wasn't that good because I was worried the police were going to turn up any minute

"I had a packet of Revels and this is where the whole situation started," she told BBC Radio Manchester.

She said staff asked her to hand over the sweets and collect them afterwards, but she refused "out of principle" and was followed into the auditorium by the duty manager and two security guards.

"It was embarrassing and she [the manager] just wouldn't let it go. I felt really embarrassed," she added.

Sue was then asked to leave but refused - which is when the police threat was made.

"She [the manager] said, 'Well, I'm going to have to call the police - is that what you want me to do?' I said 'Yes, please do. That's a good idea," she added.

Food policy

The duty manager then left Sue to watch the film and did not return with any officers.

Sue said she was unable to enjoy the film, saying: "It wasn't that good because I was worried the police were going to turn up any minute... I certainly wouldn't go there again."

In a statement, Cineworld said food and drink policy was vital to its viability as a business.

"We try to offer a complete entertainment experience by showing the latest movies and offering a range of snacks, where profits are needed to help fund the running of your local complex," a spokesperson said.

"Our food and drink policy outlines that all food consumed on the premises must be purchased at one of our concessions and is in-line with most cinema chain policies as well as most sporting and leisure venues in the UK.

"We also offer our customers a full refund if they choose to leave."

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