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Dog owner saves pet from icy lake

Dog rescue
Jarvis had chased after ducks on the water

A man waded into icy water to save his dog after it became trapped in a lake in Greater Manchester.

Marc Greenhalgh, 25, was out walking in Alkrington Woods, Middleton, on New Year's Day when his cocker spaniel Jarvis ran onto the ice to chase ducks.

When the ice broke, Jarvis was having difficulty climbing out so his owner plunged into the water to save him.

The fire service said Mr Greenhalgh could easily have died and urged people to keep away from icy waters.

Mr Greenhalgh said: "It was very cold to be honest. You don't want to think about it at the time, I just wanted to get to him really.

"When it happens you just go and do what you've got to do. There's a lesson to be learned I think, I won't be leaving him off the lead again."

The owner risked his life to save his dog

A passer-by who took photographs of the rescue, Julie Brown, praised him for his bravery.

"A lot of people would say he was idiotic, to risk his life for an animal, but as far as I was concerned he was an extremely brave man," she said.

"If my dog was in danger I'd like him to be there."

Paul Etches, from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said: "He is extremely fortunate in being able to survive the conditions that he was entered in.

"I would say to anybody please, please stay away from the ice, and do not consider going on to icy water at this time of year."

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