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Changes to city's congestion plan

Traffic in Manchester
A referendum for Greater Manchester residents will take place in December

Amendments have been put forward to Manchester's planned congestion charge, including a cut in the maximum rate.

The changes have been made following the public consultation on the plans to charge motorists to drive into the city centre from 2013.

They include adjustments to inner and outer rings, changes in public transport investment and a reduction in the maximum daily rate from 10 to 5.

The changes to the proposals are to be considered on Friday.

They also include a 20% discount for low paid workers. Those with medical appointments will not have to pay the charge.

Workers at Trafford Park will also be exempt until a review in 2016.

Boundary changes

The cap on the daily charge would mean all vehicles paying a maximum of 5, even for multiple crossings.

A 2.8bn package of investment in public transport is dependent on the introduction of the charge in 2013.

A total of 62 new trams and 41 new stops are among the transport proposals, along with an increase in school buses from 120 to 180.

The boundary changes include bringing Simister within the outer charging zone and Brinnington will move out. Parts of Salford and Ashton will also be affected.

The Chorlton boundary will run along Withington Road, putting the district outside the inner ring.


Cycle hire and car clubs are planned for Stockport.

The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities will look at the plans in more detail and have a final say on whether they should be amended.

If agreed, they will be presented to Greater Manchester residents in a referendum in December.

A massive publicity campaign is being waged by both sides of the yes and no debate.

The referendum will decide whether that application to the Transport Innovation Fund is actually submitted to the government.


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