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Bouncer 'fight night' condemned

Organisers said the competition would show staff in positive light

A row has broken out over plans to stage a "fight night" in Manchester to find what organisers have described as Britain's "hardest bouncer".

Sixteen nightclub doormen will fight each other for the title and for a 10,000 prize fund in the event, which is being staged by KO Promotions.

Manchester City Council and the bouncers' regulatory authority have condemned the idea.

But KO spokesman Chris Bacon said it was being shown in the wrong light.

'Normal guys'

"It's a reality TV show culminating in a competition. And this is going to show these people in home life, and their work on the door and going out in their day jobs," he said.

"You've got guys from right across the country, that are normal hard-working guys, that actually do doors at night and do like to do boxing."

Pat Karney, spokesman for Manchester City Council, said that the contest could put the winner at risk.

He said: "That guy's going to become some sort of tourist attraction - it's going to be provocative.

"And you're going to get some of the idiots with too much alcohol down them saying, 'I hear you're the hardest doorman in Britain - show me'... I'm hoping that they'll think again about this."

Mike Wilson, chief executive, Security Industry Authority (SIA), said he was "disappointed" by the event.

"It puts the industry in a very bad light," he said.

"It undermines the real progress made in door supervision. Intelligence and conflict management skills are the tools of the profession to protect the public in the 21st Century - not physical means."

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