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Last Updated: Saturday, 23 February 2008, 16:28 GMT
Aircraft makes emergency landing
American Airlines plane
No-one was hurt in the emergency landing
A plane carrying 195 passengers has been forced to make an emergency landing at Manchester Airport.

The Chicago-bound American Airlines flight turned back to the airport after engineers spotted a problem with its hydraulics shortly after take-off.

As a result of the high speed landing two tyres burst, but the plane landed safely and no-one was injured.

Some flights were diverted while the runway was closed but the aircraft has now been towed off the taxiway.

A Manchester Airport spokeswoman said it was the captain's decision to turn back and the landing was made at about 1410 GMT.

'Common problem'

About seven incoming flights to Manchester were diverted to other UK airports as a result, while outgoing flights were suspended for about one hour.

"The captain of flight AA55 could have continued to Chicago but decided to return to Manchester," the spokeswoman said.

"As a precaution we implemented full emergency landing procedures and we lined the runway with fire engines.

"But it has to be said this is a fairly routine and common problem.

"The landing gear came down and two tyres on the plane sustained damage and as a result we could not tow the plane from the runway, causing some further delay.

"Operations were suspended for around one hour."

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