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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 01:50 GMT
Free bus 'cogs' poster defended
Logo on the GMPTE poster (Pic: Gavin Stevenson)
The poster shows three cogs to represent the three bus routes
Transport bosses have defended a logo used to promote a free city centre bus service in Manchester.

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has criticised the design, which uses three cogs to illustrate the three circular Metroshuttle routes.

The ABD said the gears of the cogs are locked together - much like the congestion in the city centre.

Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) said the logo was not intended to be a technical drawing.

'Distinctive branding'

A GMPTE spokesperson said: "Metroshuttle is the largest free city centre bus service in the UK and the logo was designed to promote its three interconnecting routes. It is not a technical drawing.

"The distinctive branding on buses and at bus stops has certainly helped to encourage people to use the service.

"The latest logo was introduced in 2005 to coincide with the launch a of third route between Manchester Piccadilly and Salford Central train stations."

It looks like a classic case of all the gears but no ideas
Sean Corker, ABD

Sean Corker, from ABD, said: "There aren't enough eggs in Manchester to cover the embarrassed faces of whoever came up with this.

"Reality is just as bad. Despite consistently falling car numbers in the town centre, average traffic speeds (the council's chosen measure of congestion) have been steadily falling, so congestion has been increasing.

"It looks like a classic case of all the gears but no ideas."

The Metroshuttle buses link all of the city centre railway stations, the main NCP car parks, and many bus and Metrolink tram stops.

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