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Last Updated: Monday, 5 November 2007, 20:54 GMT
Mother takes custody bid to Libya
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor says she will move out to be with her daughter.
The mother of a four-year-old girl who was taken by her father to live in Libya has said she will move there to be reunited with her daughter.

After divorcing her daughter's father, Sarah Taylor said she was given custody rights for Nadia to live with her in Hindley, Greater Manchester.

In May her ex-husband came to take Nadia for a day out but did not bring her back home, she claims.

Sarah Taylor said she would fight for Nadia in the Libyan courts.

Sarah Taylor said: "He told Nadia and myself that he wanted to take her to a party.

"He came and took her and off he went to the airport and took her to Libya and that was the last time I've seen her.

"I had no contact with her for six weeks."

Sarah Taylor eventually managed to make contact with her daughter and flew to Libya, but could not persuade Nadia's father to allow her to return to Britain.

She said she would sell her possessions and move to be with her daughter.

Greater Manchester Police say they are treating it as a case of child abduction.

Sarah Taylor watches a video of her daughter


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