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Police hunt rapists of young girl
Shakil Chowdhury
Shakil Chowdhury raped the girl after she asked him for directions
Police are continuing to hunt three men after a 12-year-old girl was raped after getting lost on her way home.

The youngster was plied with alcohol and passed between four men who took turns to rape her on 27 October, 2006.

One of the men who raped the girl was Shakil Chowdhury, 39, of Attock Close, Chadderton, Greater Manchester.

Chowdhury admitted six counts of rape and was jailed at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, on Friday, for six years. The others have not been traced.

The court heard that Chowdhury persuaded the youngster to get into his car and that she agreed to go to his house because she thought she could trust him.

However, once there he gave her alcohol, took her upstairs to his bedroom and ordered her to lie on the bed where he raped her.

To carry out this sort of attack on a 12-year-old child is simply abhorrent
Detective Chief Inspector Mary Doyle

He then left the room and a second man came in and raped her followed by two other men.

Throughout the evening Chowdhury raped the girl a number of times - using different beds at the house.

When he took the girl home, he asked if he could take her phone number before he left.

The youngster reported the rape to the police and pointed out Chowdhury's address to officers. His house was raided and he was arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector Mary Doyle of Oldham CID said: "Chowdhury's actions that evening would have been unacceptable on a woman of any age, but to carry out this sort of attack on a 12-year-old child is simply abhorrent."

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