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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 June 2007, 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
More pressure in Sony church row
Sony Playstation scene of the interior of Manchester Cathedral
The Church says using the cathedral as a backdrop is "irresponsible"
Entertainment giant Sony is facing government calls to withdraw a video game which has been attacked by the Church of England.

Senior Anglicans are demanding the removal of Resistance: Fall of Man, because of its violent depiction of a shoot-out in Manchester Cathedral.

On Thursday, Leader of the Commons Jack Straw described the Playstation 3 game as "totally unacceptable".

A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the Mr Straw's comments.

Mr Straw was responding to a question from Labour MP Keith Vaz in the Commons on Thursday - a day after Mr Blair responded to questions on the issue.

Mr Vaz said: "It depicts scenes of Manchester Cathedral without the permission of the church authorities in a game that is very violent and very bloody.

We are still in discussions with the Church and Cathedral authorities...
Sony spokesman

"There is a responsibility beyond profit for those who produce these games and can we ask Sony to at least withdraw this game and pay compensation to a church charity."

Sony has previously said it had sought "all permissions necessary" for the game, which has been defended by gaming experts.

Despite the opposing views, Mr Straw asserted that Mr Vaz was "absolutely right".

He said: "This is totally unacceptable practice by Sony. They have a moral duty to withdraw this game and to make reparations to a church charity.

"The should also have some enlightened self-interest in the damage they are doing to what in the past has been a reputable brand."

Cathedral talks

The row began last week when the dean of the Cathedral, the Very Reverend Rogers Govender, condemned its depiction in the game without church permission.

The popular game - which has sold about a million copies - is a science fiction fantasy based in a parallel world in which aliens are trying to take over the planet.

Church officials outlined their concerns in a letter sent to Sony on 11 June, which the company says it has now responded to.

A Sony spokesman told BBC News: "We are still in discussions with the Church and Cathedral authorities and will not be making any further comment in the immediate future."

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