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Computer games guru defends Sony
Sony Playstation scene of the interior of Manchester Cathedral

A computer gaming expert has defended Sony's decision to use Manchester Cathedral as a backdrop for a violent computer game.

James Binns, publishing director for a range of computer games including gamesradar.com, says the trend in gaming is for more realistic settings.

A row broke out after the Church of England claimed Sony had failed to ask permission to portray the cathedral.

Sony claims it sought "all permission necessary" for the game.

Mr Binns said: "It is important to understand that Resistance: Fall of Man is a science-fiction fantasy based in a parallel world.

Switch off

"This is one of many entertainment forms which use realistic environments - such as Doctor Who - and like any screen-based entertainment, you can switch it off.

"The trend in games generally is towards more social, educational titles and the only reason this comes up as a problem is more to do with the Sony PlayStation 3's graphical power which enables it to present realistic environments.

"The game is a lot of fun and the action in the cathedral is a very short sequence."

The game, which came on the market in the US in November and in the UK in March, has sold more than one million copies.

The Church of England is sending a letter to the entertainment giant demanding an apology and asking it to remove images of the building from the game.

It is also asking the technology firm to provide backing to anti-gun campaigns in the city in view of the number of gun crimes that happen in Manchester.

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