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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 June 2007, 22:54 GMT 23:54 UK
Cathedral to demand Sony apology
Sony Playstation scene of the interior of Manchester Cathedral

Church of England officials will send a letter to Sony demanding an apology over the use of Manchester Cathedral as a backdrop for a violent computer game.

They will ask the technology firm to remove images of the building from the game, and to provide backing to anti-gun campaigns in the city.

A cathedral spokesman said the Church had received many e-mails of support.

Sony said it had "all permissions necessary" to develop the Playstation game, entitled Resistance: Fall of Man.

But Church officials dispute that, and earlier threatened legal action against the firm.

The cathedral's David Marshall said Church leaders would meet on Monday to draft a letter and discuss what other action to take.

He said the letter would make four demands:

  • An apology for using the cathedral
  • Withdrawal of the game, or modification of the section of the game to remove the cathedral interior
  • Sony to make a substantial donation from the games' profits allowing the cathedral's education department to target more effectively those aged 18 to 30
  • Sony to support other groups in Manchester fighting against gun crime.

Community groups and MPs have expressed support for the Church's stance against the game, which has sold more than one million copies so far.

Sony said it would contact the cathedral authorities on Monday "to understand their concerns in more detail".

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