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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 June 2007, 13:21 GMT 14:21 UK
Talks over cathedral gun game row
Manchester Cathedral
The game sees a shoot-out take place in the cathedral's nave
The Church of England is to hold talks with Sony over the entertainment giant's use of Manchester Cathedral as a backdrop for a violent computer game.

The discussions follow Sony's declaration that it sought and received "all permissions necessary" for the creation of the Playstation game.

Church officials dispute that and say the company was highly irresponsible to feature the cathedral.

The portrayal of the cathedral in the war game has upset community groups.

Patsy MacKie, from Mothers Against Violence, whose son Dorrie was killed in Manchester, believes urgent action needs to be taken over computer games such as Resistance: Fall of Man, which features the cathedral setting.

Urgent action

"If we don't stop what's happening now with computer games, I believe we will see the results in another 10 years," she said.

"They will be younger, shooting, killing and stabbing one another - we really need to do something about it."

The Church is demanding an apology and the removal of the game - which has sold more than one million copies.

It says it will consider taking legal action against the company.

Sony Playstation scene of the interior of Manchester Cathedral

Every year a candlelit memorial services is held in the cathedral in honour of people who have been killed.

Labour North West MEP Arlene McCarthy said: "I think it is very insensitive to the community and in particular to the families who have lost children as a result of gun crime.

"Our message to Sony is that we do not want games set here in Manchester that promote or glamorise gun battle.

"We have our own battle to fight here to get guns off the street and to get young kids weaned off the gun culture that is promoted in these games."

In a statement, Sony said: "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is aware of the concerns expressed by the Bishop of Manchester and the cathedral authorities... and we naturally take the concerns very seriously.

"Resistance: Fall of Man is a fantasy science fiction game and is not based on reality."

The firm said it would be contacting the cathedral authorities on Monday "to understand their concerns in more detail".

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