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School bans skirts from uniform
Martin Braidley at Woodhey - picture courtesy of MEN Syndication
The new rules come into force at the start of the autumn term
A high school is banning skirts as part of its uniform because female pupils are wearing them too short.

Governors at Woodhey High School in Ramsbottom, Bury, say that the rule that skirts should be worn three inches above the knee is regularly flouted.

In a letter to parents, governors say that local residents and parents have complained that the shorts skirts "create an unfavourable image".

Black bootleg trousers will become regulation for girls in September.

The skirts are worn far too short... and are a source of endless battles
Luise Nandy
Chairman of governors

School officials say they have been largely supported by parents, but admit that there has been some opposition.

Luise Nandy, chairman of governors at Woodhey, said: "The skirts, even when worn at the correct length, are no longer appropriate wear for some subjects like drama, or for any activity which involves sitting on the floor, like school assemblies.

"This can be undignified and embarrassing for the girls and embarrassing for members of staff and visitors.

"The skirts are worn far too short by the majority of girls who roll them up at the waist in order to appear fashionable, and are a source of endless battles between parents and children, and staff and children over how they should be worn.

Ties dropped

"There have been many comments from people in the community, including parents, who feel that such short skirts create an unfavourable image of the school."

White shirts and school ties are also to be dropped for the girls' uniform.

A pink and white open-necked shirt will be worn with the trousers.

Head teacher Martin Braidley said the changes had raised some concerns among parent, but that the new policy was "more supported than opposed".

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