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Musical transvestite kicked out
Drum kit
Ms Von Hessler played the drums, until late at night
A one-legged transvestite drummer has been evicted for playing her collection of instruments too loudly.

Helen Lesley Von Hessler frequently bashed away on drums, an organ, guitar and a harp until late at night.

Residents reported that the noise coming from her seventh-floor flat in Nine Acre Court, Salford, could be heard across the estate in Ordsall.

Ms Von Hessler, 64, was given an order banning her playing music last year - but she breached it 32 times.

After she failed to attend interviews with officers to discuss the disturbance, the council applied for a possession order.

It is nice to have some peace and quiet as I thought I had gone deaf
Steven Lewis, Neighbour

The case was heard at Salford county court in February, with the judge granting the council possession from Thursday.

Ms Von Hessler's defence was that she did not feel her music was excessively loud. She believed it was at an acceptable level and people did not appreciate the music.

Steven Lewis, who lived directly below Ms Von Hessler, said: "It was like walking into a concert every day. Sometimes it was one continuous note being hit time and time again.

"She called us idiots and said we didn't appreciate good music. I do appreciate good music but not that racket," he added.

'Only option'

Hotel worker Mr Lewis said the noise meant he was often unable to sleep after finishing a shift in the early afternoon.

"It is nice to have some peace and quiet as I thought I had gone deaf," he said.

Ian Birt, who lives on the 12th floor, said: "The noise was horrendous. There was no point in speaking to her. As far as she was concerned she was not causing any trouble.

"Once when she appeared at court, she had big stickers on her handbag saying, 'Enjoy and appreciate good music'," he added.

Salford's housing spokesman said: "This case illustrates how seriously we pursue complaints of neighbour nuisance. Eviction was the only option left to us."

Ms Von Hessler is believed to have moved to Reading.

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