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Last Updated: Friday, 5 January 2007, 20:06 GMT
'Too tall' flats face bulldozer
Flats in Almond Brook Road
The flats are to be bulldozed within weeks
A luxury block of flats is to be knocked down after it was built 5ft (1.57m) higher than originally planned.

The Beacon View apartments, off Almond Brook Road in Standish, Wigan, Greater Manchester, are said to be worth up to 200,000 each.

Developers Wainhomes built the three-and-a-half storey block taller than planning permission allowed.

The government planning inspector rejected the firm's appeal and it must be demolished by the end of February.

The flats were on the market at one stage but an employee of the firm said none were sold "now".

Developers cannot simply ride roughshod over the wishes of local authorities
Councillor John O'Neill
She would not explain if that meant some buyers had been refunded when it became clear their future home was about to be demolished.

Wigan Council took action against the company in June last year after it emerged the building had been built higher than planned.

Councillor John O'Neill, chairman of Wigan Council's Planning Committee said: "We are delighted that the inspector has supported our stance on an important point of principle.

"Developers cannot simply ride roughshod over the wishes of local authorities and the communities they represent."

Wainhomes head office, which refused to comment, has blamed the mistake on a "genuine" technical error.

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